Digital Story Assessment


(4) Exceeds criteria expectations

(3) Meets all criteria expectations

(2) Meets some criteria expectations

(1) Does not meet criteria expectations


-Was the project well researched and documented?

Citations and Permission

-Have permissions been obtained where necessary?

-Do citations appear in the format required?

Flow, organization, and pacing

-Was the story well organized?

-Did it flow moving from part to part?




In the case of our digital story we believe that the following 3 traits that are important factors that lead to a successful  digital story. The first trait that we believe is important is research. For our digital story we are showcasing the then and now of education in Ohio. The information needs to be researched well with multiple sources. Without doing research on your topic, to share that digital story would be unethical. That’s why we believe that research is an important factor in a successful digital story. The second trait that we believe is important is citations and permission. This ties into our first assessment trait. In order to have a well researched story, you need to cite your sources. As well citing where you got your images from. Just grabbing images from websites and not citing where you got them from once again, is unethical. The last trait is flow, organization, and pacing. This assesses the story’s ability to flow without being bumpy. This is important for a successful story because when the video flows, the information presented will be easier to understand. Whereas a story that is bumpy and hard to follow will distract from the message or information that you are trying to convey. That’s why we believe that the flow of the video is important. Although we only have 3 traits, we believe that for our digital story, these are the most important and relevant based on the topic we are working on.

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