Canterbury Elementary: Access to Technology

The school that I was able to observe at was Canterbury Elementary. The classroom that I observe is 3rd grade. While I was there I observed many uses of technology.  One of the main technologies that they used were their Chromebook’s. They have a cabinet near the teachers desk that keep them stored and charged. Their Chromebook’s are assigned by numbers. They are readily available for the students when they need to use them. The students use their Chromebook’s for research, creating google docs, and google slides. They use google classroom where they post assignments. Another technology thats used often in the classroom is their Smart board. While Smart boards, the interactive white board are an older technology being made in 1991 they still get the job done. They use the board to work on worksheets together and to show how math problems. They watch their morning meetings on the smart board in the morning also which I found pretty cool. In my elementary school we did announcements over the PA. They also use the Elmo projector to do the same things as they do on the smart board. They use the smart boards in specials such as music and Spanish. In Spanish class they often use IPads to play interactive games. There isn’t enough for every student to have one but there are enough for a pair to have one. As far as I have observed thats the only time they use IPads. I think that there isn’t a firewall on their Chromebook’s. I believe this because there are a couple of student who have to come and sit next to the teacher at the back table when they use them so she can see their screens. They were getting on websites that they weren’t supposed to. Compared to other schools, they don’t have much advanced technology but technology nonetheless.

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