Exploring Minecraft: Education Edition #2

So far Minecraft: Education Edition has been interesting to say the least. As I’ve mentioned before, this version of Minecraft has “worlds” that are lessons that the students can play. The world that I decided to join is the “fairytale” unit. This unit has a plethora of fairytales such as Three Little Pigs and Hansel and Gretel. I chose to play this unit because currently I am taking ED 356 Children’s Literature. We’re working on fantasy and fairytales right now so this unit was perfect. I chose to play Hansel and Gretel. I recently saw the movie Gretel and Hansel and thought this would be a great opportunity to play it in Minecraft.

When get into the fairytale world, you’re met with a virtual assistant named Story-time Sue. Below is a snippet of how she describes the stories. In the bottom right corner of the snippet is a book with a volume button. When you click on it, it reads the snippet out loud. This is very beneficial to the students who have reading difficulties or for the students who cant read yet because they can hear the instructions being read to them.


I’m going to be completely honest with you all, this game is so confusing! When I got past story-time Sue, I got to the wall where you pick the fairytale that you want. I chose Hansel and Gretel. When I got into the world I was met by the father. The snapshot below shows what he told me. He told me not to go into the woods and search for the cakes but of course, I did exactly what he told me not to do.  So far, I have just been wondering the woods with not much instruction.

This is a game that students couldn’t just play alone, they would definitely need instruction from the teacher. The teacher also needs to be well versed in how the game works and also how to play the game. I can see students getting confused or bored with the game because there’s no instruction after meeting the father.  In the next blogpost, I will update you all on my journey through the woods!!D3933C7E-7EF6-4BC4-8C9C-C55F00FA469F

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