Power & Control in American Education

No Child Left Behind is a plan that was implemented in 2001. It is a plan that mandates that schools make annually yearly progress that are based on high stakes test that students take. If the school doesn’t make AYP then the schools federal funding would be taken away. With No Child Left Behind, they had good intentions, but overall I don’t think its a good thing. The reason for that is, everything is based on the tests that the children take. To me, that is not a good strategy. As we all know, some children are not good at taking test. Some children get test anxiety. I remember in elementary school, we had to take the OST and there was this girl that had an anxiety attack before taking it. It was really upsetting to see her go through that. Another reason is that test don’t measure what you know or how smart you are. A better way to test if the children are learning the information is to take a look at their everyday work. The work that they do in class, homework, quizzes, things like that.

In high school take the OGT (Ohio Graduation Test). It consisted¬† of math, English, writing, science and social studies. Just thinking about the tests, makes my stomach hurt. Those test were so important, if we didn’t pass all 5 then we couldn’t graduate. The first time that we got to take the test were 10th grade. Luckily I passed all 5 the first time. Waiting for the scores made me so nervous I didn’t know if I had passed or not. if I didn’t pass all 5 the first time I would’ve had to keep taking them until I did and I don’t think I could’ve done that. Many of my classmates had to take them over multiple times and each time they would miss them by 1 or 2 points it was really sad. Many of my classmates did graduate because of those tests although they had all their credits and qualifying GPA’s. It was a sad scene overall and that’s just 1 reason why I don’t like high-stakes testing.

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