Wide Awake

In Maxine Greene’s article she talks about how being wide awake means to be aware of what’s going on and to be willing to make a change to those unjust situations that you may notice. She also says that wide awakeness for teachers is important, that it is too easy for teachers to play their roles. Maxine would say that teachers are organized. If they are awake that is. If they are wide awake and notice the things that are going on around them. The article for the strikes lists some issues as “budget and tax policy has been used to erode social services, shrink public space, undermine union power, and transfer wealth upward, all the while making the lives of working people harder.” If they are wide awake, then they will be willing to make a change like the teachers of West Virginia. The teachers are acting as moral agents by striking for what they believe is right. When they do that, their students notice, and it makes and influence on them. For example, a student from the article said, “Our teachers are setting an example of bravery by standing up to ignorance and inaction. Our teachers are setting an example of engagement in activism . . . our teachers are setting a better example than our legislators have for the past decade.” By going on strike, Maxine would say that they are wide awake. They aren’t ignoring the problem and are trying to make a change, even considering the risks that come with the strikes. The risks being that their students missing class, parents having to miss work because the children aren’t in school just to name a couple. The teachers striking are doing what they believe is morally right.

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