John Dewey

“I believe that this educational process has two sides – one psychological and one sociological; and that neither can be subordinated to the other or neglected without evil results following” (Dewey 215). Education does and should have two sides. As the quote says, neither should dominate the other. If a teacher relies on just rote learning meaning that they just teach children 2+2=4 and just that alone, they won’t retain that information. Especially in math you just learn the facts and learn how to do the equations but they’re rarely ever related to the real world. Dewey would say that is the wrong way he would tell the teacher to use real life situations to relate to the math problem. A way that the teacher can improve is to relate to the real world. They could create stories with the math problems it is a little harder to relate calculus to the real world but if the teacher tries, they probably could. In elementary school I had a science teacher who was the best teacher ever. She had a great balance of both psychological and sociological. When working on topics she would always relate the topic to the real world. For example when working on the weather cycles and learning about clouds she would take us outside on the playground to look at the type of clouds that were out. She would tell us to figure out what type of clouds they were. I wish that all teachers could be like that it would honestly make school so much better. It also helps children retain information better when they can relate it to the real world. That is what Dewey was striving for, education to be relatable and to get children ready for the real world.

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