Exploring Minecraft: Education Edition #2

So far Minecraft: Education Edition has been interesting to say the least. As I’ve mentioned before, this version of Minecraft has “worlds” that are lessons that the students can play. The world that I decided to join is the “fairytale” unit. This unit has a plethora of fairytales such as Three Little Pigs and Hansel … Continue reading Exploring Minecraft: Education Edition #2


Hello! My name is Briana Ellis-Smith and I am from Cleveland Ohio. Recently I’ve been kept busy with our new puppy. He’s a German Shepard-Pit bull mix He’s 3 months old and so precious! I love listening to music, I don’t really have a preference. I plan on going to a couple concerts that happen … Continue reading Introduction

Multicultural and Multilingual Education

The experiences of African American students differ from Irish American students in many ways. African American students, meaning black students because not every black student comes from Africa but that’s another story for another time. Many African American people came to America by force, whereas the Irish came by option because they were experiencing hardships … Continue reading Multicultural and Multilingual Education

Service Learning

This article is a research done by a woman named Maylan Dunn-Kenney. In her study, she had 21 graduate students who came from different undergraduate backgrounds. The majority of the group were white, and they were all women. Dunn states that at the end of the service learning, many of the students had “began to … Continue reading Service Learning